Event Grant Application


Eligibility Criteria for Twentynine Palms TBID Event Grants

  • Applicants: Non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals are encouraged to apply. It is a requirement that applicants have prior experience in organizing events to ensure the successful and professional execution of their proposed activities. Twentynine Palms residency is not a requirement to apply.

  • Event Location: All events must take place within the Twentynine Palms sphere of influence, which includes the City of Twentynine Palms, Desert Heights, Indian Cove Campground and Amphitheater, the JTNP northern boundary, and Wonder Valley. Additionally, applicants are required to upload/submit a preliminary Venue Agreement as part of their application.

  • Target Audience: Events should primarily aim to attract tourists located 50 to 100 miles away, contributing to the city's tourism from beyond the local area.

  • Event Timing: While events can be scheduled at any time, there is a particular interest in those planned for the non-peak months of May through September. This approach supports our goal of fostering year-round tourism and aligns with the Twentynine Palms TBID’s strategy to increase occupancy in hotels and vacation rentals during these typically quieter months.

  • ADA Accessibility: We encourage events to strive for venues that are accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Recognizing the challenges of our rural area, we value efforts to make events as inclusive and accessible as possible.

  • Marketing Requirements: Event Grant recipients must commit to including the Visit 29 Palms logo in their marketing materials and tagging their social media accounts in posts.

  • Economic Impact Assessment: Events are required to submit a post-event plan for assessing their economic impact, which should include an analysis of local spending and visitor demographics.


Matching Funds Requirement for Twentynine Palms TBID Event Grants

  • Applicants for Twentynine Palms TBID events grants must provide a 1:4 match for the requested grant amount. For instance, for a project budget of $20,000, $15,000 may be requested from the Twentynine Palms TBID and $5,000 must come from the event grant recipient. 13% of this match can be in-kind contributions, such as goods, services, or volunteer time, valued at fair market rates. A minimum of 12% of the match should be in monetary form, including cash contribution from other organizations or businesses, advertising revenue or other cash amounts. This requirement demonstrates the applicant's financial commitment and resource mobilization ability, ensuring a shared investment in the success of the event.


Application Deadlines and Review Process

2024 Deadlines:

  • A special deadline of February 15, 2024, is set for events happening between March 1 - June 30, 2024. 
  • Apply by April 1, 2024 for events happening between July 1 - December 31, 2024.

2025 Deadlines:

  • Apply by October 1, 2025 for events happening between January 1 - June 30, 2025.
  • Apply by April 1, 2025 for events happening between July 1 - December 31, 2025.


Application Process and Subcommittee Review

  • Submission: Applicants are required to fill out a standard event grant application form online, detailing their event plans, budget, marketing approach, and anticipated ROI for the destination.

  • Review Committee: The initial review is conducted by the Review Committee composed of five community volunteers, including up to two TBID Advisory Board members. These volunteers are chosen for their impartiality and are not permitted to submit their own event grant applications in the year they serve. The Review Committee employs a transparent scoring system to ensure objective evaluation and alignment with the objectives of the Twentynine Palms TBID.

  • For the inaugural review committee, we are inviting volunteers to apply by February 15, 2024. Following this initial phase, the Twentynine Palms TBID will regularly open a call for volunteers with a deadline of September 1 in subsequent years. Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to apply online by this date each year. 

  • Twentynine Palms TBID Advisory Board Review: Applications that meet all the criteria and achieve a minimum score of 80 points will be reviewed by the full Twentynine Palms TBID Advisory Board during their regular meetings, which are open to the public. Applicants who fulfill these requirements will be invited to present their proposals at a board meeting. Each presentation will have a time limit of 5 minutes, and applicants should be prepared to answer any questions that the board members may have following their presentation.


Application Scoring System

  • The event grant applications submitted to the Twentynine Palms TBID will be evaluated using a comprehensive scoring system to ensure fair and transparent assessment. The maximum number of points an applicant can receive in the scoring system is 100 points. The scoring system consists of the following criteria:
  1. Event Information (up to 20 points)

  2. Financial Information (up to 10 points)

  3. Application Questions (up to 50 points)

  4. Required Documents (up to 20 points)

  • This scoring system ensures that event grant applications are evaluated comprehensively, taking into account the alignment with Twentynine Palms TBID's pillars, completeness of applicant information, financial transparency, the quality of responses to application questions, and the submission of required documents. The cumulative score will guide the grant approval process, with higher scores indicating a stronger application.


Marketing and Branding Requirements

  • Branding Requirements: All event materials are required to feature the Visit 29 Palms logo. This acknowledgment must be included in every type of event communication, from digital to print, to maintain consistent and prominent branding.

  • Marketing Plan Submission: Applicants must submit a comprehensive marketing plan that outlines strategies for effectively promoting their event. This plan should detail how the event will engage with the Visit 29 Palms social media accounts and the approaches to attract audiences, especially those more than 100 miles away. The marketing strategies should align with Twentynine Palms TBID's destination pillars, focusing on showcasing Twentynine Palms as a premier destination and highlighting local attractions and accommodations.


Reporting and Accountability

  • Event grant recipients are required to submit a detailed post-event report using the provided form, focusing on the economic impact and visitor engagement. This report should encompass local spending patterns, visitor demographics, and the overall influence on local accommodations and tourism. Additionally, it is important for grantees to supply Twentynine Palms TBID with images and videos from the events, which will be included in the report. Event grant recipients must also conduct and report on a survey of event attendees, collecting data to evaluate the event’s direct impact and visitor experiences. These reports are essential in offering a comprehensive understanding of the event's contribution to Twentynine Palms' tourism economy and its alignment with the Twentynine Palms TBID’s strategic goals.


Accommodation and Promotion

  • Local Accommodations: Events receiving Twentynine Palms TBID funding should prioritize the use of local hotels, RV resorts, and vacation rentals, showcasing them as the preferred options for attendees.

  • Promotion of Accommodations: Event marketing and materials must actively promote these local accommodation options. This includes the mandatory inclusion of a direct link to the Visit29.org lodging page on the event's website, providing attendees with easy access to information on local hotels and vacation rentals. This effort is integral to driving tourism and supporting the local hospitality industry.


Event Surveys

  • Event grant recipients are required to conduct surveys of attendees to gather specific information on their experiences. These surveys should focus on aspects such as accommodation choices (hotels or vacation rentals), overall event highlights, future visit intentions to Twentynine Palms, and the economic impact, including local spending in the City. The goal of these surveys is to gain insights into the event's effectiveness in attracting visitors and contributing to the local tourism economy, as well as understanding attendee preferences and experiences.


Event Grant Agreements

  • Upon approval of an event grant application, a formal Event Grant Agreement will be established between the grantee and the Twentynine Palms TBID. This agreement will outline the terms and conditions for the use of funds, including budget allocation, branding guidelines specifying the mandatory use of Visit 29 Palms logo and acknowledgment in event materials, marketing plan requirements, and reporting obligations. The Event Grant Agreement ensures clarity and accountability in the use of grant funds and adherence to the Twentynine Palms TBID's branding and marketing standards.


Amendments and Exceptions

  • Policy Amendments: The Twentynine Palms TBID Advisory Board retains the authority to make revisions to these guidelines when deemed necessary to enhance the effectiveness and fairness of the grant program. 
  • Exceptions: Any requests for exceptions or deviations from these established guidelines must be submitted to the Twentynine Palms TBID Advisory Board for consideration and require board approval. This process ensures that any unique circumstances are thoroughly reviewed and decided upon in a transparent and accountable manner.


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Supporting Documents:

Event Grant Budget Worksheet

Event Marketing Plan Template

Event Timeline Template