Authentic Desert Getaway at Twentynine Palms A desert oasis at the north entrance to Joshua Tree National Park. Curved Lines

Attractions in Twentynine Palms, CA

Twentynine Palms is known around the world as the home of Joshua Tree National Park. At the southern edge of the Mojave Desert, people from all over the world flock to this location to see the majesty of the natural, untouched land, from the towering rock formations to the sparkling sand. At night, there are incredible, unmatched views of the night sky. But beyond Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave Trails National Monument and the Mojave National Preserve, Twentynine Palms still has much to offer. After you see the beauty of nature, you won’t have to just go back to your hotel and be bored. The city is full of life, no matter what you’re interested in.

From vibrant art galleries and incredible outdoor murals, cultural museums, live theater, to a drive-in movie theater, Twentynine Palms offers a dynamic mix of attractions for arts and culture lovers. For those looking to spend time outdoors, spend a night under the breathtaking stars at Sky’s The Limit Observatory and Nature Center. The casino and several other local places host concerts for the music lovers among you, including the world-famous Joshua Tree music festival twice annually.

For history buffs, there are museums and national parks bursting to the seams with interesting aspects of America’s past, including the history from indigenous populations who first lived in these areas. There are also great opportunities for family fun such as bowling alleys, golf courses, and great community parks

Discover all the exciting attractions in the area that you can plan ahead for to ensure that you get to see all the great things that Twentynine Palms has to offer when you visit:

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Casino  |  Drive-In Movies  |  Bowling | Golf

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