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Joshua Tree National Park Tips and Weather


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Monthly Temperature Averages
in Twentynine Palms
High/Low (°F)
January 67 / 43
February 66 / 41
March 68 / 45
April 82 / 55
May 89 / 61
June 103 / 73
July 106 / 81
August 102 / 77
September 92 / 69
October 86 / 57
November 75 / 50
December 66 / 40
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Desert Travel Tips

Travel rested and well fed.

Always carry 1 gallon or more of water per person.

Carry snacks or bring food in a cooler in the vehicle.

Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, bandana, and wear a hat (don’t burn your scalp!).

Wear sensible footwear, especially if you plan to hike. (No flip-flops.)

Have a good regional road map and know where you are.

Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.

GPS may not work in remote areas or may give incorrect road information.

Cell phone coverage is spotty in many desert areas.

In the event of car trouble, stay put and seek shade.

Drive a vehicle meant for desert terrain. Have a full tank of gas, plus water and oil.

Be prepared for emergencies.

Pack a first-aid kit, flashlight, batteries, and a blanket.

Use common sense and plan ahead for your trip to the desert!

Safety and Respect

Safety on Rocks at JTNPRocks are fun, but . . . be sure you can not only scramble up the rocks, but also safely get down. Often it is difficult to know from below how your route down will look. Take your trip slowly and look back frequently to determine a safe route down.

Plenty of Water for Mojave DesertBring plenty of water. Whether you are hiking or touring, the dry desert air can dehydrate you quickly at any temperature. The National Park Service recommends each individual will need about one gallon per day, 2 in the summer if you are doing strenuous hiking.

Bees in JTNPBee Aware! Bees can be out in force searching for water in some areas. It is recommended to follow these tips:
• Keep all drinks and food inside your vehicle
• Keep car windows rolled up.
• Don’t swat at bees. They are not aggressive unless you give them reason to be.
• Use caution when exiting and entering your vehicle. Moisture from your air conditioning unit attracts bees too.
• Listen for buzzing; stay away from swarms and gives.

Respect Wildlife in JTNPBe respectful of wildlife. Any wildlife can be dangerous if approached. They can also carry disease.
• Do not approach any wildlife to take photos or touch them. The rule of thumb to insure you are staying a safe distance from the wildlife. … If you can cover the wildlife fully with your thumb, you are a safe distance.
• Do not allow children to chase or pick up wildlife.
• Always keep your hands and feet in places you can see them. Snakes like to hide in and under rocks.

Needle and Thorns in JTNPOuch! Cactus are not the only flora with needles. Many shrubs such as cat claw have sharp thorns. Wear sturdy shoes when walking or hiking in areas of cactus and brush, and keep a safe distance.