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  • Sunset at Mojave Desert in Twentynine Palms, CA

THE CARS was easily one of the most popular bands from the late 70s and early 80s. Their first album is among the best debut records of all time, spawning chart-topping hits and songs still played on the radio. One could say they were a band ahead of their time, as they helped shape the 80’s “new wave” sound, which is hugely popular almost 40 years later as attest to their 2018 induction to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

In 2001, Darryl (Ocasek) Battaglia was looking to put together a band that would appeal to the mass audience who loved the sound and total vibe of the 80s. He was inspired to form Candy-O, the ultimate tribute to The Cars. Rounding out the lineup is McCrea (Hawkes) Adams on keyboards and vocals and Brenton (Orr) Worthy on bass and vocals. 2019 brings in two new members, Steven (Easton) Lawrence on guitar and Axel (Robinson) Clarke on drums.

Covering all of The Cars’ radio hits and some popular album cuts, Candy-O captures the terminal cool of The Cars’ live performance in all aspects, with no vocal or music sampling whatsoever. The band has consistently amazed and entertained crowds whenever and wherever they hit the stage. Enjoy the sound and vision of the ’80s created by Candy-O at Tortoise Rock Casino!