Project Phoenix in 29 Palms
01 Jan

Celebrating success stories of 2020

As 2020 comes to an end and we collectively welcome 2021 with hope and optimism, we reflect on what a year it has been in 29 Palms. For as many challenges and hardships faced this year there have also been incredible success stories, showing the strength and resiliency of our community. Here’s a look at some of the many success stories for 29 Palms in 2020:

Project Phoenix in 29 Palms

Project Phoenix Downtown Revitalization Underway 

After breaking ground at the start of the year, this exciting downtown development project has stayed on track and all underground work is now completed. Site-work construction ready to begin in January, followed by the buildings in March. This $20 million-dollar downtown revitalization project includes a 11,000-square foot community center and outdoor stage which will open up new opportunities for hosting events in the city, plus a 4,000-square foot Joshua Tree National Park Visitor & Cultural Center which will provide an incredible opportunity to showcase the Native American artifacts that the National Park has its in collection which tell the human history of our area. This project is set for completion in March of 2022.


New Businesses in 29 Palms

New Businesses Open 

In what has unquestionably been the most challenging year for businesses, the entrepreneurial spirit has proven itself to be alive and well in 29 Palms. Over the course of 2020 we saw numerous new businesses open in our city, including Ace of Fades, Campbell Hill Bakery, Cactus Trails Café, Desert Beacon, Donahlue Clothing Co., Digital Paragon, Rasta Rita Cantina, Starbucks, and Perfectly Unique 29.

While we celebrate and welcome these new businesses to our city, we must also acknowledge the resiliency of the long established business owners who have worked incredibly hard this year to adapt and comply with new state, county, and city protocols, and commend the 60+ small businesses in 29 Palms who have successfully enrolled in San Bernardino County’s COVID-Compliant Business Partner Program and are continuing to prioritize and protect the health and safety of our community as well as our visitors.


New Public Art in 29 Palms

New Public Art 

In an exciting year for public art, 3 new murals were completed in 2020, adding new color and vibrancy to our downtown area. These new works compliment the city’s historic Oasis of Murals series, and bring the city’s collection of murals and public art installations count to 65.

Pictured above is one of the new murals completed in 2020, completed by artist Tommy Wonder and located at the corner of Hwy 62 and Mariposa Ave at the newly established Ace of Fades barber shop. In the early spring a new mural went up on the side of Rosie’s Thrift Store on Hwy 62 which honored three generations of women in the community, completed by artist Glenn Case.

Muralist and 29 Palms resident Tim O’Connor was also commissioned this year by the Morongo Basin Healthcare District to design and create the story of the Kenney Drug Store that opened in 1940. The mural includes a short biography of Pharmacist Ed Kenney, who became known locally as the “founding father.” The Healthcare District used a grant from the Kenney Trust to purchase the Split Rock medical complex, which is the new site of the Morongo Basin Community Health Center’s pediatric services.


Mural Restoration in 29 Palms

Historic Mural Restoration

In addition to new public art, one of the city’s most iconic murals saw a full restoration and repaint, thanks to the tremendous efforts of Action Council 29 Palms and artists Chuck & Holgie Caplinger and David Greene. The Desert Storm Homecoming & Victory Parade mural underwent a 6-week restoration and repaint, and is now ready for its clear coating to complete the restoration.

The Marines first came to 29 Palms in 1952, and since then the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center has trained thousands of Marines, many of whom were deployed during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Strom. This iconic mural commemorates the homecoming of our troops from the Persian Gulf War in 1991, where over 40,000 people lined the highway and crowded the streets to welcome our troops home, and needless to say is a very special mural for our community and Visit 29 Palms is honored to have contributed to the fundraising efforts to see it brought back to life.


New Designation for Amboy Crater

New Designation for Amboy Crater 

Mojave Trails National Monument’s iconic Amboy Crater trail was among 30 hiking trails newly added to the National Recreation Trails System in 2020, and was notably the only new trail addition for the state of California this year. This new designation will increase awareness for Amboy Crater and elevate its status as one of the most fascinating and accessible natural wonders in Mojave Trails National Monument and the California desert region. As part of an ongoing partnership, Visit 29 Palms was honored to have supported the Bureau of Land Management’s application for this new designation!

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