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Visitor Center & Gallery, 29 Palms, CA
09 Jan
Top 5 Things to See & Do in 29 Palms

Our desert destination is perhaps best known for being the headquarters and north entrance to the iconic Joshua Tree National Park and the gateway to a number of Mojave Desert

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Joshua Tree National Park, trash and recycling dumpsters being cleaned by 29 Palms community volunteers
07 Jan
Joshua Tree National Park Shutdown Update – Jan.7

By Breanne Dusastre 01/07/2019 As we enter the third week of the government shutdown, here’s an update from Visit 29 Palms regarding Joshua Tree National Park… Update on park conditions

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Joshua Tree National Park with Cleanup Efforts
02 Jan
Joshua Tree National Park Cleanup Effort During Shutdown

By Visit 29 Palms 01/02/2019 A New Year’s Day cleanup effort in Joshua Tree National Park took place on January 1 during the government shutdown, with donated supplies and community

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Field Trip to Mojave Trails National Monument, Mojave Desert, California
24 Jul
Field Trip to Mojave Trails

by Vickie Waite – 7/24/2018 You can live in the desert for decades, and never see it all, or really know it. All that land out there, those wide open

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Starry Night in Joshua Tree National Park by Chip Morton
22 Jul
Summer Nights in the Desert

by Vickie Waite – 7/20/2018 What do we do on summer nights in the desert? We get a little star crazy. [Get it? Stir crazy, star crazy.] Okay, some of

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Turkey Vultures at the Oasis of Mara, 29 Palms, California
13 Mar
The Turkey Vulture – “Our Seasonal Scavenger”

by Naturalist Pat Flanagan – 3/13/2018 Early in the year you often see kettles of turkey vultures in Twentynine Palms, with the birds gracefully rocking from side to side as

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