Day 2: Discover an Oasis of Murals

Oasis of Murals 29 Palms

Day 2: Discover an Oasis of Murals in downtown 29 Palms 

Spend the day outdoors enjoying a self-guided tour of historic murals, public art installations, and hidden gems.

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Directions to Twentynine Palms, CA

“29”Every city has its own unique story and history, just waiting to be discovered. In 29 Palms, we celebrate our heritage by way of a spectacular outdoor art gallery, made up of 23 historic murals and nearly 40 public art installations. With a rich tradition of art, and long known as a mecca for artists, it’s no wonder our city chose such a colorful and engaging way to honor its history. 

Located throughout our downtown area, these murals illustrate the history of our city, and the stories of the Serrano and Chemehuevi Tribes and early life at the Oasis of Mara, followed by a cast of cattle ranchers and gold miners, to the resilient homesteaders and pioneers who played an instrumental role in shaping the charming, rural, community you see today.

And because this a community that cherishes its natural surroundings and environment, you can also look forward to murals that celebrate the unique flora and fauna of the beautiful Mojave Desert.

Art enthusiasts will want to leave some time in the day to discover a few other creative hidden gems and roadside attractions, starting with the Glass Outhouse Art Gallery, located 5-miles of downtown 29 Palms on Twentynine Palms Hwy. Visitors to the Glass Outhouse Art Gallery will discover a wildly eclectic and playful collection of outdoor sculptures and installations, plus a unique indoor gallery space featuring the world of local and regional artists.

After strolling the eclectic grounds at the Glass Outhouse Art Gallery, continue east on Twentynine Palms Highway for 3 miles where you’ll discover a colorful series of roadside signs that say “love” in different languages. Hand painted by artists Jacob Rafati and Katie Williams, each sign features text designs by different artists, all reminding us that love knows no boundaries.

Plan your self-guided art tours:
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• Visit the “Love” signs
• Visit Glass Outhouse Art Gallery

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