Historic Gold Park Mining District

Located 10 miles south of the Oasis of Mara in Twentynine Palms, mining in the Gold Park area was sporadic until 1905.  J.E. Schweng and his associates, known as the Gold Park Consolidated Mining Company, started important development that continued until World War I.


The Gold Park Hotel, once located near the camp, was moved to 29 Palms Inn during the 1920s and used as one of the cottages. Notable characters such as Charles Wilson (aka Johnny "Quartz" Wilson, aka "Chuckwalla" Wilson) and Bill McHaney prospected in the area around the turn of the century. Hearing a story of a rich vein of gold somewhere in the area, Bill McHaney made his home near the south end of Gold Park for 30 years while he searched for the lost lode. Bill Keys, owner of the Desert Queen Mine, located in what is now Joshua Tree National Park, also owned a mine within Gold Park known as the Goat Mine. Today Gold Park is a popular area to tour by four-wheel drive vehicle.


If you're looking for a guide, contact Jim Wharff of First Class Miners, Inc. at (760)819-9020.


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